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Window Lock Repair

Window Lock Repair

Protect your home or business with our expert window lock repair services

Oshawa Locksmith in Oshawa, Ontario offers window lock repair services

Window locks are renowned for breaking. This leaves your home or business vulnerable to theft as windows offer an easy access point. How do you know when you should seek out a locksmith? Here are some signs to look out for: your window lock has a problem when lifting, such as a floppy handle which is generally due to a worn or faulty locking mechanism. Your door hook or bolt will not retract in or out properly when the door or window handle is operated, which is usually a sign of a broken mechanism or locking security device. Additionally, your key goes into the euro profile cylinder but you have to jiggle it up and down to open the door, often a sign of badly cut keys or a faulty/worn euro cylinder lock.

When you experience any of the problems call our professional locksmiths. We can repair a wide variety of window locks or install new ones to give you peace of mind and protection from all entry points into your home or business. For reliable locksmith services, call Oshawa Locksmith of Oshawa, Ontario today!

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Last Updated On: November 09, 2016
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