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Panic Bar Installation

Panic Bar Installation

Ensure your guests and employees can exit your building safely in an emergency

Oshawa Locksmith in Oshawa, Ontario offers panic bar installation services

If you have a business with a separate commercial building, your province's regulations may require you have emergency exits with panic bars. Push handles are required in buildings such as malls, schools, hospitals and other places of business to maintain safeness and order at times of an emergency. These simple, yet highly safe bolt locks allow people to exit the building without having to turn knobs for an easy, quick exit in an emergency. The reasons for a panic bar consist of:

- They are very easy to use, just push and be able to open the door and leave the building.
- Panic bar exit strategy has been saving lives, second are can be a deciding factor in emergencies.
- Without panic bars, people crowd at a door and it makes emergency situations much worse.
- Panic bars can come with an alarm feature that will sound upon exit.
- If someone tries to tamper with the panic bar, with by cutting, damaging or destroying, the alarm will sound.
- Doors with a panic bar limit the risk of an outside attack due to the factor the door is only set up to open from the inside.

Oshawa Locksmith in Oshawa, Ontario will professionally install panic bars for your business. We take pride in ensuring that our clients comply with the all fire code and safety regulation when it comes to security systems.

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Last Updated On: September 28, 2016
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